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About the NeuroReformer

How Does The NeuroReformer Work?
The NeuroReformer is a new AI powered medical device that provides safe dual-wave neuropathic stimulation to the the body’s effected areas during PT movements.  Through our biomechanical re-education process, we help patients repair atrophied nerves and revive lost muscle memory, which enhances mobility and increases strength. Neuropathic stimulation to the body’s afflicted areas during PT movements increases blood flow to the afflicted area while providing enhanced neuro connectivity, an essential component in reviving atrophied muscle and nerve tissue. Patients experience rapid healing and immediate improved well-being, making their rehabilitation journey smoother and in most cases up to 4 to 5 times faster than regular physical therapy.

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The Inventor's Story
Michael Montoya is the inventor of the NeuroReformer® medical device and the co-founder of NeuroReform® Clinics. Mike was a star running back in college football and played professionally in the Canadian football league. Despite achieving success on the field, his early football career was riddled with numerous injuries, leaving him sidelined.

A botched shoulder surgery oddly prevented Mike from being able to run in a straight line. Determined to heal himself beyond conventional medical methods, Mike discovered the healing power of 'direct-pulsed current’ therapy. Mike received groundbreaking neuro frequency wave treatments that re-educated and regenerated the neurological tissue in both his shoulders and hips. This treatment not only revived Mike’s collegiate football career but also positioned him as a leader in Canadian College football, which created multiple NFL opportunities.

Mike went on to set various professionall football combine strength & speed records that today remain unachievable by thousands of pro athletes, several decades later. Mike set the record for bench press record for all runningbacks in football combine history.

After pro football, Mike spent many years researching and investing in the advancement of neuro frequency technology. Along his unconventional journey, Mike acquired specialized methods of neuro frequency assisted performance enhancement, which proved superior to traditional treatments. Mike’s discoveries and technological advancements in the field of neuro physical therapy have left an extraordinary mark in the industry. 

At his NeuroReform Clinics® in Miami, Michael Montoya and his team work with numerous professional athletes, celebrities and ordinary people who are looking to live pain free and get back faster.


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