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How Does Neurotherapy Accelerate My Recovery?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

By Michael, Chief Physiological Neurotherapist

Healthy neurological activity plays a crucial role in the treatment and recovery of injury. When an injury occurs, the affected area may experience disruptions in neuro activity, leading to muscle weakness, reduced sensation and in most cases some level of pain or discomfort. In order to support the body's natural healing process, it is important to restore healthy neuro activity as soon as possible. This can be achieved through physio-neurotherapy treatments featuring NeuroReform Clinics’ innovative NeuroReformer device. The NeuroReformer is a medical device that that uses new patented technology which delivers a direct-pulse current that replicates the body’s natural neuro frequency to aid in the treatment of chronic pain and injury.

At NeuroReform Clinics we focus on proper neurological recruitment and reprogramming biomechanics. Physio-neurotherapy treatments can help to retrain affected or atrophied muscles by restoring normal neurological activity, which promotes improved muscle function and reduced pain. In addition to reconnecting general neurological activity, the NeuroReformer device can administer neurological stimulation directly to the affected area which provides pain relief and promotes faster healing.

In addition to these specific interventions provided by NeuroReform Clinic's physio-neurotherapy treatments, it is important to maintain your body’s overall healthy neurological activity. Having healthy and robust neurological activity is a key factor in the successful treatment of injury and pain management. This can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Our experts can coach you in simple lifestyle changes necessary to boost and maintain healthy neurological activity. The appropriate level of neurological activity should be carefully monitored and supported throughout the entire recovery process by an experienced and knowledgeable NeuroReform Clinic physio-neurotherapist.

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